C Language

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What is Computer Language

A Computer language is a type of language which helps to communicate with computer. There are many types of computer language like C Language, JAVA, Python, CSS, HTML, etc...

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What is C Language

By the use of C language, User can communicate to the computer. C language is a type of computer language they gives instruction to the computer and it generate output respect to given command.

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History of C Language

C is a case sensitive language developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T's Bell Laboratories. C became most popular by its reliability and simple to use. C language has been developed from B language and B is also derived from BCPL ( Binary Coded Program Language ), BCPL is developed from ALGOL.

Algol (1960)→BCPL (1967)→B Language (1970)→C Language(1972)
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Structure of C Language

C structure is a user-defind datatype which allows to user to combine all the datatypes together. Structure helps to make complex datatype to simple and meaningful.

  • Documentations
  • Preprocessor Statements
  • Global Declarations
  • The Main Function()
    • Local Documentation
    • Program Statement & Expression
  • User Defined Functions

Character Sets of C Language

A character define any alphabets, digit or any special symbols used to represent any information.

  • Alphabets→A to Z, a to z
  • Digits→0 to 9, Decimal Numbres
  • Special Symbols→~, `, !, @, #, %, ^, &, *, (, ), _, -, =, +, |, {, }, [, ], :, ;, ", ', <, >, ,, ., ?, /, $,
  • White Spaces→\, \n, \t
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C Tokens

C tokens are the basic building blocks which are constructed together to write a C program. Each and every smallest individual unit in a C program are known as C tokens.

There are six types of Token→
  • Keywords
  • Identifiers
  • Strings
  • Constants
  • Special Symbols
  • Operators
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C keywords are the words that Conway by special meaning to compiler. It cannot be use as variable name, function name, etc...

There are 32 Keyword in C→

auto     double    int       struct
long     case      switch      enum
char     extern    return    union
short    unsigned  continue  for
default  goto      sizeof    volatile   
static   while     break     else
register typedef   const     float
signed   void      do        if