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What is Internet

An interconnection between several computer belonging to various network across the world. It is network of network computer connected with one another all over the world. It is network of network that consist of milions of private populate,academy,business and wireless and optical network technique.

Computer Network

A computer network or the data network ia a collection of Terminal or Nod, link are connected show as toenable telecommunication between the terminal network which allow computer to exchange data. The connection between node or establised using either cable media or wirwless media.

History of internet

The internet started as a U.S.A government project in the year 1969 called the ARPANET(Advanced Research Projects Administration Network)which supervised it in the beginning . Four nodes were interconnected USLA,SRI,UCSB In the late 1980the nationalscience foundation (NSF) of U.S.A funded development of network (Using the internet protocols)to connect super computer center in the U.S.A Therewere more than 10,000 sites in 1987 and more than 100,000 in 1989. In the 1990, ARPANET was dismantled, and the public network in the U.S was turned over to NSFNET.In the early 1990 commercial networks with their own internet exchanges or gateways were allowed to conduct business on the internet and in 1993 the NSF created the InterNIC to provide ihe internet services.

Anotony of Internet

Anotony refers to the study of structure while studying the structure of the internet, it can be broadly said that the Internet is the network of computer network. .

By- Durgesh Sir, Impulse Technology, Raghav Nagar, Deoria.

Major Component of Internet
    The major component of internet are-
  • Internet Services Internet is a combination of many networks and large of database and other services. Most of the services can be accesed through a Web browser, such as Netscape Navigattors or Microsoft Interner Explorer. Web browser also provide E-mailas well as acess to mailing list.
  • Major Internet Services
  • E-mail
  • Stared in 1970. It is the most common service of internet.
  • Mailing List
  • Stared in 1970.Mailing list are group based mailing service.
  • FTP
  • Stared in 1973. Designed for transferring files among copmuter. File are available for downloading on the Internet using FTP.
  • New group
  • Stared in 1979. It is public messaging and "bulletin board" system.
  • www(World Wide Web)
  • Stared in 1992. This service features user friendly publishing and multimedia documents and files.
By- Durgesh Sir, Impulse Technology, Raghav Nagar, Deoria.

Element of Internet

It include client pc, servsr computer and network(composed both client and server)