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What is Purchase

A purchase means goods are purchase by business man to dealer and supplier.

What is sales

sales is a good sold by business man to his customor

What is purchase return

A purchase return means the return of full or parts of goods purchaseby the business man of to his supplier.

what is sales return

sales return means the return of full or part of goods sold by the custome to the business man .


Assets are the things and property possessed by a business man not for uses in the business .


All the amount are payble of a business can earn to outsiders are called liabilties.


Capital of the amount is invested to starting a business by the a person.

What is debtors

The person who owes amount to the a business man.

What is creditor

The person whom amount are owered by the business man.

What is debit

The receive accept of transaction called debits or dr.

What is credit

The giving accept of transaction is called credit or cr. .